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Your neighborhood school is stronger than ever.

The Pimlico Way

Pimlico Elementary Girl Classroom Reading

You’re part of our community.

The Pimlico Way

Pimlico Elementary Classroom Learning

Your child’s future begins here.

The Pimlico Way

The future of Pimlico Elementary / Middle School is brighter than ever.

We’ve been the heart of the Park Heights community since 1910. Today, we’re a charter school operated by Baltimore Curriculum Project since 2021. 

We’re a different type of charter school. Other charter schools are lottery-only. We serve our neighborhood zone first, then we go to a lottery.

These are the most important years in your child’s learning. We make the most of the Pre-Kindergarten through 8th grade years and focus on every child’s potential.

Our teachers and staff create a safe and nurturing environment that allows students to:

  • Explore ideas

  • Develop their potential 

  • Celebrate their growth

Pimlico Elementary / Middle Charter School At-a-Glance

Pre-K – 8
Afterschool clubs and activities
Only middle school in Park Heights
State-of-the art, renovated facilities
Restorative Practice
Charter school with Baltimore Curriculum Project
Gifted and advanced program
ESOL for Pre-K – 8
Enrichment classes
Unique Pimlico / Sinai Health Science Program
Proud Park Heights community history
School Performance


With enthusiasm, patience, and dedication, all stakeholders in our 21st Century learning community will create opportunities for students to explore ideas, develop their potential, and celebrate their growth as we prepare them to become college and career ready.

Pimlico Elementary Children Lunchroom Fun
Pimlico Teacher
Pimlico Boy Work


We are a safe and nurturing 21st Century learning community who embrace social, emotional learning as well as the development of all students through academic rigor, collaboration, and celebration.